Thursday, August 03, 2006

Opposition spreads beyond usual suspects

When it was suggested that AI change its long-held stance of taking a neutral position on the issue of abortion, those who proposed the move assumed it would be the "usual suspects" that would oppose it - the Catholic Church, other Christian churches, and pro-life groups to name a few - and that the organisation could ride through any storms that these groups caused.

There are two fundamental flaws with this way of thinking:

Firstly, AI relies heavily on those very groups to operate - many parishes have their own AI groups who support both the organisation's campaigns and bank balances. Riding rough-shod over these members is not something to be advised.

Secondly, as we've commented in this blog before, it is absolutely not just an issue for Catholics, other Christian churches, or any other religious community. Many people of no faith believe that abortion is fundamentally wrong and that the right to life is the fundamental human right. today reports that some US Liberal groups are also campaigning against the move - proof that this issue is much wider than some people give it credit for.

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