Monday, September 18, 2006

Bishop blasts AI for "gross betrayal" and "height of stupidity"

A CANADIAN BISHOP has said that plans for AI to advocate abortion is "an ill-conceived proposal and a gross betrayal of Amnesty's mission to campaign for human rights."

Bishop Fred HenryWriting in the Calgary Sun and posting on the Western Catholic Reporter's website, Bishop Fred Henry of Calgary also said that the argument being proposed that a pro-abortion stance would go some way to stopping violence against women is the "height of stupidity".

In his article Bishop Henry rehearses many of the arguments already outlined in previous posts, notably that the move would contravene Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and that any move would severely damage the reputation and standing of AI.

In July the Canadian bishops condemned AI's proposals and warned that "it would be a step backwards for an organization that has done such outstanding work in defending human life and the rights of the most vulnerable."

Bishop Henry was one of the first bishops in Canada to speak out against AI's proposals.

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