Friday, May 18, 2007

AIUK still misleading members over secret abortion policy

If you were an interested Amnesty International UK members looking for some information or comment over the recent decision to advocate abortion as a human right, one of the first places you might turn would be the organization's members' magazine, Amnesty Magazine (especially as the organization's own staff appear to be either unable or unwilling to provide correct information).

AIUK members receiving their copy of the May/June issue this week would have to flick over quite a few pages - to page 37 of the 40 page issue- before hitting upon a small, pink box which mentioned the issue (it's been blown up on this blog for easier reading).

Hawk-eyed members would be rewarded with the information that following the resolutions put to the AGM in March:

"...AIUK's Board now has the task of analysing the decisions and determining the UK section's approach to future international discussion on the subject."

Couple of things:

1. What future discussions? The decision was apparently taken on 16 April - more than a month ago. The magazine manages to report on other stories that occurred several weeks after that date, so obviously production deadlines were not an issue in failing to report quite an important piece of information.

Did the AIUK Board forget to tell the editor that a decision had already been made or was this just a deliberate attempt to mislead AIUK members into thinking that there was still some doubt about what decision AI would come to ? Of course, this suggestion would have been unthinkable in the past, but that was before the shocking behavior of the AI Board on this matter and its attempts at a cover up had been revealed.

2. What happened to the democratic process that AI makes so much about in its secret documents? It appears that the AIUK Board is now quite clear: they'll take the decision on what the membership really thought. Now could it be that they would side with the resolution to form a policy on adoption proposed by...err... the AIUK Board?

I'm sure that there will be a few dictators and aspiring dictators who are all in favor of this type of democracy.