Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Cardinal warns AI

A senior Vatican official has claimed that Amnesty International will be discredited if it pushes for the decriminalization of abortion around the world.

Cardinal Renato Martino said, "I have great esteem for Amnesty but doing this, they cut off their hands. I hope they don't do this because if they do, they are disqualified as defenders of human rights."

Cardinal Martino stated that by defining abortion as a human right, that Amnesty International would lose support from Catholic activists.

Martino said, "When they say 'reproductive rights', they mean abortion. Do they defend the rights of everybody? No! Not of the unborn because the unborn will be killed."

Amnesty, which was founded in 1961 by Catholic lawyer Peter Benenson, has been consulting its members to see if they should drop their neutral stance on abortion and start pushing countries to drop laws that make abortion a crime.

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