Monday, June 12, 2006

Political move undermines Amnesty International

AI has long been seen as the guardian of human rights; one of the reasons it won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1977. Indeed the organisation AI took a deliberate decision that it would not accept government or state funding so that it would neither be beholden to any state nor could be accused of being partial to the interests of any government. The number of lives that the organisation has saved is countless and underpinning this success is the moral authority the organisation could demonstrate. Now some elements of the organisation want to substitute the moral authority that has stood it (and the countless people it has helped) in goodstead for fashionable political correctness. The right to an abortion is not enshrined in any declaration of human rights, indeed an abortion seems to contradict human rights. The decision to advcate abortion would be a political one - not a moral one; any such decision would finally turn AI into a political movement: contrary to the objectives of AI's founders and to the detriment of the organisation.

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