Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Amnesty UK votes abortion a human right

As expected, the Amnesty International UK section has endorsed the AIUK Board's shameful proposals to advocate abortion as a human right.

Despite the fact that the majority of members who responded to a consultation voted against a change in the policy on abortion (at present the organisation has a neutral stance), the AIUK Board managed to get their resolution passed even though far more members responded to the consultation than were able to attend an early morning Sunday meeting in Edinburgh at last weekend's AGM.

Some members accused the Board of AIUK of gerrymandering in order to get the results they desired. The Board has been widely condemned for the biased manner in which it has conducted the debate and consultation period, and has been accused of riding roughshod over members' wishes.

Christine Usher, AIUK's vice chair who proposed the pro-abortion resolutions and who is currently standing for re-election to the AIUK board, told the UK Amnesty International meeting that there was sufficient support among the 72 national sections for a policy to be implemented soon.

There is still a chance that Amnesty International's governing body will come to realise that this decision does not have widespread support among its membership base.

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