Monday, April 02, 2007

AI warned it risks abandoning principles to abuse human rights

Amnesty International risks becoming complicit in one of civilization's greatest human rights abuses and taking the side of some of history's tyrants, according to the world's largest pro-life movement.

Speaking just days after Amnesty International UK's vote to support advocating abortion as a human right, Human Life International's president Father Thomas Euteneuer warned the organization that if it dropped its neutral stance on abortion it would become its "own enemy, and become complicit in one of the greatest human rights abuses of all time: abortion on demand."

Human Life INternational President Fr T. EuteneuerHe continued: “It was bad enough they were neutral on the crime of abortion in the first place, but if they drop even that they switch sides to stand on the side of tyrants and genocide.

"The failure to see the plight of the unborn for the injustice that it is represents a grave moral blindness, not a sensitivity to the oppressed.”

Fr Euteneuer believes the international pro-abortion lobby has been attempting to have abortion declared a human right by manipulating United Nations' conferences and international treaty instruments, but the attempts have so far been unsuccessful. “If AI caves to this pressure, it would represent not principle, but abandonment of principle to ugly, bald-faced ideology," he said. "It would render every unborn child—especially in the developing world—a political prisoner in the womb.”

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